Hay pellets

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Hay pellets – feed assessed the equestrian professionals

To foothold in the European market manufacturers BALTICPELLET is expanding its range of products. By focusing on products designed to get support for high-quality and efficient horse-breeding in Europe, present in this sector for food – BALTICPELLET Hay pellets.

Hay pellets balanced for horse diet of help by the top European professional guidance to feed your loved Trotters. Feed formula balanced successfully developing the teaching horseback riding mature process, this product is also ideal for professional and Equestrian constantly involved Trotter.

BALTICPELLET hay pellets are manufactured from extremely clean, high-quality feed raw materials. We try to horse breeders to meet with saturated diet Feeding your loved horses. Hay pellets are very favorite horse, delicious, mild and moderate protein and a lot of good digestible fiber having a fiber feed.

“BALTICPELLET Hay pellets” – a product formulated for all food producing mature horse needs. Our product is produced in sufficient quantities of nutrients daily ration of horses to meet the nutritional needs no other food supplements, cereals, does not require additional roughage to animals, molasses.

The product is dust-free, no impurities or debris and unnatural additives. Hay pellets are particularly easily digestible horse feed.

Packed in 20 kg of our products are easy to transport, handle and store. This package makes it easy and convenient to feed the horses under any circumstances – traveling at competitions or stationary stables.

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