BALTICPELLET straw granulate is perfect for use in poultry farms.

Straw granulate for poultry farms – a new product range of products at BALTICPELLET. This product started to produce in larger quantities just after performing additional market research in 2012. Conclusion – demand for the product has a good rating among our partners and customers in Scandinavian Western Europe countries.

Straw granulate obtained from the manufacturing process of the fragmentation of the mass of straw pellets. The company produces different product types, each of which is particularly valuable and unique properties. Fraction adjusted: small, medium and large. Best granulate properties exploited (most suitable) using it in poultry: raising ducks, chickens, turkeys, other birds.

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Granulate (minced granules) – for Poultry farms. BALTICPELLET certified granulate (wheal) tests *4.5 kg

Seq. No. Analysis Result
1  The quantity of arsenic (LST EN 14546:2005 (A))  n
2  Moisture and other volatile substances (SVP 5.4-07)  9.9 %
3  Enteropathogenic intestinal sticks (E.coli) aptikimas 25g (SVP 5.4-06 M)  not detected
4  The quantity of mercury (SVP 5.4-102)  22.0 μg/kg
5  The quantity of cadmium (LST EN 15550:2008 (A))  7.0 μg/kg
6  Mold (LST ISO 21527-2:2008)  120.0 ksv
7 Detection of Salmonella 25g (LST EN ISO 6579:2003/AC:2006)   not detected
8 The quantity of lead (LST EN 15550:2008 (A))  82.0 μg/kg

Granulate Package Types

  • Jumbo bags (Big Bags) 800 – 900 kg
  • Plastic bags 14 kg each

Packaged in plastic bags straw granulate can be placed on a pallet with dimensions of 1.00 x 1.20 m

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