Bedding for horses


The unique charm of a horse!

Straw has been used as horse bedding for centuries. Only recently, pellets from straw are perfect to use in the stall. BALTICPELLET manufactured straw pellets is a versatile product. It has been well known for some time that straw pellets are the best bedding for horses. 

Straw pellet under layer is an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to existing common known bedding and litter products.  Currently, the litter is a very popular and valued horse breeder. Straw pellet produced in BALTICPELLET  is a versatile product, and is best the  using the bedding likely for stud.  This product’s quality requirements for the production of significantly higher, but together they provide the opportunity to exploit the production capacity of higher value-added product development, empowering for BALTICPELLET pellet stud farms as bedding. 

Less is needed for equivalent absorbancy, it saves your money, working time and storing place. After absorption of the fluid pellets start to decompose. So it can be used as high quality fertilizer for plants or compost.  Straw, pressed into pellets in our production technologies is no bad like their natural qualities, straw and other types of bedding. Particularly well this bedding likely is seen horse breeder, being:

  • Straw pellets are 100% organic, without any unpleasant odors and other impurities
  • Straw pellets are thermally processed up to 100-150°C in order to guarantee animals’ health
  • Convenient storage and transport due to its compact size takes several times less space than conventional straw
  • Absorbent odor of ammonia, for this reason, stables weather becomes much fresher
  • Exceptionally clean: Pellets are made of high quality straw and the production process of heat treated to 100% to ensure cleanliness and protection against bacteria and worms
  • Used litter can be used to produce compost

BALTICPELLET certified Bedding for horses tests *
Research object – Straw pellets (wheat), 4.5 kg

Seq. No. Analysis Result
1  The quantity of arsenic (LST EN 14546:2005 (A)) n
2  Moisture and other volatile substances (SVP 5.4-07) 9.9 %
3  Enteropathogenic intestinal sticks (E.coli) detection 25g (SVP 5.4-06 M)  not detected
4  The quantity of mercury (SVP 5.4-102) 22.0 μg/kg
5  The quantity of cadmium (LST EN 15550:2008 (A)) 7.0 μg/kg
6  Mold (LST ISO 21527-2:2008) 120.0 ksv
7 Detection of Salmonella 25g (LST EN ISO 6579:2003/AC:2006)  not detected
8 The quantity of lead (LST EN 15550:2008 (A)) 82.0 μg/kg

BALTICPELLET Bedding for horses Packaging Types

  • Straw pellets in Jumbo bags (Big Bags) – 1000 – 1100 kg
  • Straw pellets wrapped in plastic bags at 13, 14, 15, 16, 20 kg

All content can be placed on a pallet with dimensions of: 1.00 x 1.2 0m  or  0.80  x 1.20 m.

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